Information Security

07Jan 2017

One of the scariest sentences a business owner can hear from their IT professional is, “We were breached”. Businesses rely on information technology more than ever in order to sustain growth, revenues, and efficiency. With the appropriate use of technology businesses have been able to reduce overhead and scale exponentially. With every benefit to using […]

20Dec 2016

I bet you didn’t know that medical information is SUBSTANTIALLY more valuable than credit card information. This information is forcing medical professionals to strengthen security to ensure the safety of their patients / client’s information. See the excerpt below from the article from reuters explaining more! Your medical information is worth 10 times more than […]

20Dec 2016

Using just source – destination – service – port driven hardware is not enough for an environment to be secure these days. With applications hopping to other ports and the cleverness of the malicious crowd it has become a necessity to utilize Layer 7 hardware to ensure that you not only secure your perimeter using […]